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Swingin' Success: A Look Back at Our Baseball Tailgate!

As the chill of October air finally swept through Coppell, ahead of CHS's homecoming match, the Coppell Cowboys' Baseball Program's annual football tailgate rallied the community together, before the big game.

This yearly tailgate event, fueled by the combined efforts of the Baseball Booster Club and numerous Coppell community members, fostered a sense of unity, companionship, and excitement. Over 600 burgers, provided by JC's Burger Bar and Grill and cooked by diligent volunteers, were enjoyed in an atmosphere filled with school pride and talk of the upcoming game. As well as the contribution of refreshments by Dr. Bailey, were greatly appreciated.

The evening was filled with amazing treats, meticulously baked by our dedicated baseball parents, and exciting raffles, such as Blackstone Grill, courtesy of Brockette, Davis, Drake, Inc., a $300 BoomerJacks Gift Card, and a set of 4 Cowboys Tickets with parking pass, generously donated by Kevin and Anna Slaton. The thrilling atmosphere, brimming with anticipation and the announcing of the winning names made one thing clear — our community's support extends far beyond the realm of any single sport.

If this year's tailgate proved one thing, it’s that our community's strength isn't merely in our baseball team or the traditional homecoming game, but also in the efforts of each volunteer, sponsor, parent, and attendee. An enormous thank you to all who supported the event, in countless ways, it wouldn’t have been possible without your support. The future of this annual tailgate looks promising, only enhancing the charm of our great city, making Coppell an excellent place to be.

We look forward to seeing you all next year! Go Cowboys!

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