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Welcome to the Coppell Cowboy’s Baseball website! Buckle up for an exciting ride in the 2024 baseball season, filled with moments of thrilling action brought to you by the relentless Coppell Cowboy’s! This team is known far and wide as a formidable powerhouse within the 6A baseball program. Celebrating their ever-inspiring journey and mastering the art of grit and grind, the Cowboys have advanced to the Playoffs, once again, for the fourth consecutive year in 2023.

Coach Armando Garza takes the helm for his second year, giving steadfast leadership to our program. Alongside Coach Garza (Varsity head coach), we have an amazing group of talented JV coaches and assistant coaches – Casey Johnson (Varsity assistant coach), Cole Moulder (JV Red head coach), Joshua Young (JV Red assistant coach), Dan Thompson (JV Black head coach - new addition), Travis Kilcrease (JV Black assistant coach - new addition), and the newly recruited volunteer assistant coach Marco Navarro (former Coppell Cowboy and All-State Player), working nonstop to reinforce the Cowboys stronghold. Together, their collective vision and experience bring an exciting chapter of growth and development for the team’s success on and off the diamond.

Our 2024 rosters have an intriguing mix of seasoned upperclassmen and budding talent from our underclassmen. This dynamic mix promises captivating innings on the field and only heightens our anticipation for the contributions they'll make to program not only this year, but for years to come.

We look forward to the kick-off of the 2024 season, and we sincerely hope to see you cheering from the stands. With high hopes and stars in their eyes, our Cowboys are ready to face every challenge, driving home runs and stealing bases.

So, here's to a season of inspiring resilience, stellar performances, and the unwavering commitment of our Coppell Cowboys! Grab your gear, put on your game faces, and get ready to shout out loud – "Go, Cowboys!"

Let's create unforgettable memories and celebrate every victory together. See you at the games!

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